Grant Writing & Consulting
Grant Writing & Consulting


I'd like to thank my friends and mentors who have helped me hone my nonprofit and grant writing skills: Joe Walker, Jenny Krusoe, Heidi Lesemann, Karen Lofgren and Lauren Deutsch among many others. 

"Jeff was a valuable member of the Jazz Bakery team during his almost seven years with us as Executive Director.  Passionate about music and the importance of quality presentation, he was instrumental in taking our support base to the next level through skilled grant writing and fundraising.  He also provided organizational stability - managing our planning, budgeting and finances - all with the highest integrity and commitment."  

Joseph A. Walker
Chairman of the Board,
Jazz Bakery Performance Space

"Western Arts Alliance only recently began working with Jeff Gauthier as a fundraising consultant and grant writer. In just a few weeks we immediately saw results. Jeff is a pleasure to work with, responsive, and brings to our fundraising, insight that informs our requests and increases our rate of success."

Tim Wilson
Executive Director
Western Arts Alliance

"Jeff has been an invaluable resource for The Broad’s music programming. His knowledge of jazz in encyclopedic.  There is likely no other individual in Los Angeles with his extensive experience with presenting jazz in the city, including the history of artists who have performed here and with whom they have collaborated.  He has advised the museum on its plans for presenting jazz, including the artists’ preferences, their audience draw, and potential funders for specific artists. His knowledge of the field in its broadest possible meaning has unparalleled depth. In addition to all of this, he’s a pleasure to work with and thoroughly reliable." 

Edward Patuto
Director of Audience Engagement 
The Broad Museum

"I have worked with Jeff Gauthier for a number of years, and in every capacity  -- artistic, administrative, fundraising, grant writing -- he has been a superb colleague. His broad and deep knowledge of the music field, together with his executive knowledge and experience, has informed our perspective in organizational capacity, planning, fundraising, promotion, and development. His astute analyses of projects and knowledge of funders has been a huge benefit to the grant proposals he's written for us - which have all been well-funded. Jeff is a person of the highest integrity and a joy to work with."

Heidi Lesemann
Executive Director - Piano Spheres
Managing Director - Hear Now Festival

"Jeff is a very responsible pet owner, and the most fun human playmate I've ever had (to be fair, he's the only one who ever plays with me).  He knows exactly when I want to play, and will drop almost anything (except perhaps a grant writing gig on a deadline) to play with me. He gives very good neck rubs, and often gives me treats when Maggie isn't looking. I recommend Jeff most highly."

Kasha le Chat
Director of Marketing
Cryptogramophone Records

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