Grant Writing & Consulting


I've had the honor to serve as producer or executive producer of many jazz, classical and new music recordings featuring artists like Nels Cline, Mark Dresser, The Eclipse Quartet, Bill Frisell, Bennie Maupin, Myra Melford, Jimmy & Stacy Rowles, and many others. I've produced recordings for Bridge, Cryptogramophone, Nine Winds and New World Records.

Jazz Recordings as Producer or Executive Producer (selected):

  • Nels Cline:
    • Coward
    • New Monastery
    • The Giant Pin
    • Instrumentals
  • Alex Cline:
    • Oceans of Vows
    • The Constant Flame
    • Continuation
    • For People in Sorrow
  • Bennie Maupin:
    • Early Reflections
    • Penumbra
  • Mark Dresser:
    • Aquifer
    • Time Changes
  • Erik Friedlander:
    • Prowl
    • Quake
  • Zeena Parkins
    • The Adorables
  • Alan Pasqua
    • My New Old Friend
    • The Anti-Social Club
  • Jenny Scheinman
    • 12 Songs
  • The Music of Eric von Essen
    • Vol. I, II & III

Classical Recordings as Producer:

  • Eclipse Quartet with William Winant (New World Records)
  • Anacapa String Quartet

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